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TRANSFORMATION: Coming Spring 2020


Outer transformation manifests inner metamorphosis.


Change begins when an individual encounters a moment that alters their perspective. What they were and what they knew before feels foreign to them. They are already on the path to becoming a newer better version of themselves. Vulnerable, yet curious, they enter a salon to be greeted by a stylist who will forever morph their life. The stylist works tirelessly like a painter hungry to paint the new Mona Lisa. The process can be long, and mentally trying, especially when the end result is not fully tangible. An inner battle ensues - "did I make the right choice?" Hours later, doubt is erased as a beautiful strong butterfly emerges from the ash. The physical reflecting back instantly sparks a fire within. With this new sense of self comes an overwhelming sigh of relief, and unyielding confidence. 

Photographer: Juan Algarin   |   Creative Director: Rachel Fallas   |   Company: Colortrak



  • Contrasting gel lighting is utilized to mimic hair dye.

  • Carefully selected, the colors symbolize emotion and personality.

  • Color mixing of lighting is important in showing the chemical balances that are consistently in play in the brain as each decision is made.

  • #metoo movement has become an iconic era for women. It was important to portray these women as strong independent thinkers. Special care was taken not to sexualize the female body.

  • She is fierce, she cannot be controlled. She gives "zero f**ks."

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